Rebranding myself

Rebranding myself

Ihave a new company name, a logo and a fresh website. As a designer, naturally I designed these myself – but I also had to be the client. As a first blog post, I thought I’d share a little of my own thinking about the project.

Creating the new brand was my opportunity to express what I do best as a designer and care about most. A clean slate. Where to start and how to proceed?

Here are a few questions I asked myself:

What are my core services and what makes me different?

Who are my clients and what are they like?

Why would they want to work with me?

Where do I position myself in the marketplace?

How do I create a consistent image and tone of voice?

Choosing a company name is hard, it’s the starting point and new-namewith so many companies out there a quick search can quickly put an end to your favourite idea. I tried many options, witty, technical, esoteric but they didn’t quite work. I found it best to keep it simple and not to overcomplicate. When it feels right, you’ve found your name.

A logo can be a visual soundbite, an immediate expression of what you do and also who you are as a business. I’ve included a few layouts below to show how my logo developed. It’s not just about a logo though, other visual elements help create your brand – an engaging message supported by focused copy, the right typography, appropriate imagery. It’s critical that these all come together to form a consistent image across everything you do, such as your website, a business card, across social media, or perhaps a printed flyer.

When designing my own image for Harbour Creative, I wanted to create a visual link between the sea (I live and work in Bosham) and my approach to design, that of clear thinking, adventure and openness.

A business should grow and evolve so setting up a consistent, yet flexible, style at the beginning makes the journey so much easier.

Although I have worked on many branding projects, from designing a logo to much more, rebranding myself has been a challenge. I understand now more than ever how every creative decision must be based on a strong understanding of what the company is trying to achieve.