Down on paper, up a mountain

One of the most pleasing aspects to working as a designer is the process; taking a brief, designing the initial concepts from scribbles on paper to ‘worked up’ visuals, developing these with the client and then seeing the result, whether physical product or on screen.

Logo design

I recently designed a logo for Khaya Lokukhanya, a charity providing shelter to homeless children in the North Eastern Cape of South Africa. The logo fuses local culture with the notion of shelter. Its primary use was as a logo on their new website, but it would have another life. As a fund raiser, a team would climb Mont Blanc – and they wanted to use the logo as a flag to unfurl at the summit – a life outside of digital.

Logo designLogo designLogo designLogo design

An adventure

Logo design can be an adventure, to explore the possibilities. For the client, the chance to see visualised a project they have been developing; and for the designer, the process of helping to communicate an idea and create something new.

Websites, print, social media posts, advertising – this is all backed up by a strong logo that supports what the company does and reflects who they are. A calling card, a foot in the door, a first impression.

That a few lines on paper can become a flag at the top of a mountain is the magic of design.

Logo design


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Look left for a few logos I have designed or visit my work page to see how they feature on stationery, websites, flyers and much more.

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